Greetings from La-La Land!

Ah, Sunday....will I ever be able to enjoy another one now that Nic’s named her progeny Sunday Rose? Or eat that gelatin crap now that Brangelina has produced a Knox? (Don't get me started on how long it's gonna take that poor twin to scrawl out Vivienne Marcheline...)

Hey, speaking of the Aussie’s, I tapped into my Down Under network this weekend and all I can say is, thank the Lord those people know how to return a favor! I mean, my plan is nearly fool-proof as long as one highly popular screenwriter comes through as promised. Check it out: the script’s being shot in Natasha’s favorite vacation spot, the male lead is a guy she’s been stalking for years, and the producer’s assistant just checked into rehab.

The heavenly bodies are aligned! It must be Fate!

Yes, come Monday, Natasha Duncan will be expressing her regrets to Damien’s office and respectfully withdrawing her application.

Make room for Sascha!

Stay tuned....


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