Greetings from La-La Land!

Pop the cork people, I finally got the call! Yes, one agonizing week in the making (involving a few strategically placed nudges─timed impeccably, of course) and the deed is done! Color me Damien’s new executive assistant.

I’d give you the blow-by-blow (so to speak!) but my pregnant predecessor doesn’t make for good copy, so suffice to say she phoned, I accepted, and I may have promised to crochet something called a onesie for the newborn. Whatever. When the time comes, I’ll buy the most expensive whatsis known to man and charge it to Damien’s expense account.

(Damien’s expense account...pardon me while I fan myself.)

So, heed the lesson, ladies. Chromosomes (a la Paris and Nicole) may be the preferred route to the rich and powerful, but if you’re born deprived, rest assured alternatives are out there. Just ask Candy Spelling. (Sidenote: Brava, Candy! Way to downsize, girl! I'm dying to see what a poor widow gets for $2,848 a square foot these days. By the way, send my housewarming invite in care of Damien’s office, 'kay?--I'll be sure to bring a covered dish as a welcome to the neighborhood.)

In life, there are multiple paths to obtaining your heart’s desire...and sliding into the position as Damien’s assistant next week is only the first step of mine.

I'm so thrilled you’re along for the journey!

Stay tuned...


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